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Short film, B&W, 1993, 12 min CAST: Arend Pinoy, Ryszard Turbiasz, Johanne Saunier, Vera Puts CREW: Written and directed by Vincent Bal Produced by: Johan De Smet D.O.P.: Glynn Speeckaert Editing: Ewin Ryckaert Sound: Maarten Mees Student film shot in my third year at the Sint-Lukas school in Brussels. The Super 8-footage is actually shot on Super 8, and then rolled on a sandy floor to give it that scratchy ‘old film’ look. The kid actor is now a well-known dancer. He broke his arm and his guitar during the shoot. Sorry Arend! To make the skies look darker we shot the whole thing with a red filter in front of the camera. This also meant we had to put GREEN make-up on the actors, to prevent their lips from looking too pale. They all looked like Aliens on the set. The voice of the father is dubbed by Josse De Pauw. Check out some storyboards here, and the IMDB page here.