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Animation Series, color, 2008, 26 x 13min CAST: English voices by Georgina Verbaan, Brian Blessed, Tim McInnerny, Johnny Daukes and Penelope Rowlands. CREW: Written and Directed by Vincent Bal and Colette Bothof Produced by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting / Submarine / Walking The Dog / Peachblossom Design: Fons Schiedon Music: Hans Helewaut and Hans Mullens A crazy series about a girl and a fireman who travel around the world, trying to get back home and save the girls cat. Stuffed with funny trivia about the places they visit (supplied by the third main character; the Voice Over, simply called Voice). For budgetary reasons I do the cat’s voice (Meooow!). Sold to TV stations in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, France, Estonia and to Al-Jazeera! We also made three books about the series! Some of the Thumbnail storyboards on display here. Check out the IMDB page here. Buy one of the DVD’s here!